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Jan 23, 2019

Mike Wooten is going to be here next week! Mike is a drummer that has been around the industry for a very long time, and has played with some names you’ve definitely hard. We’re excited to chat with him about leading a musical life, his approach to his instrument, and a bunch more!


Before we get into our music calendar, we do want to talk about something super exciting. On February 2nd, Longmont’s first Winter Walkabout music festival will be happening! This is the first year for the festival, and there are over 30 acts booked at various venues around town.  Your ticket gets you access to every show on the schedule, plus some awesome Food & Drink Deals. Venues that will remain open to the public during the showcase will be giving something extra to ticket holders as a thank-you for supporting and being a part of this inaugural event. Jessica Carson will be on the show next week to give us all of the details! Find out more in the show notes at



Music Calendar


Wednesday January 23


300 Suns

Drop In Acoustic Jam at 6PM

Rosalee’s Pizzeria

Defunkt Railroad at 7PM

Tandoori Grill

Tony Rosario at 5:30PM

Beyond the Mountain

Bluegrass Pick at 5PM

Laughing Goat

Arbour Season & Fort Vine at 8PM

Rayback Collective

Ultralowfi Live at 6PM


Thursday, January 24


The Root Kava Co

Roma Ransom at 9PM

License Number 1

George Nelson Band at 9PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Clandestine Amigo at 6PM

Still Cellars

Teresa Storch and Peter Lacis at 7PM

Tasty Weasel

Jackson Cloud Odyssey at 6PM


Friday, January 25



Kate Farmer at 6PM

Tasty Weasel

Lionel Young Duo at 3:30PM

Pearl Street Pub

Colin Robison at 5PM

Laughing Goat

Harley Eblen at 9PM

Caffe Sole

Lionel Young at 6PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Felonius Smith Trio at 7:30PM


Saturday, January 26



Foxfeather and Monocle Band at 7PM

Laughing Goat

Jeremy Dion, Bob Barrick, Ramaya Soskin at 8PM

License Number 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

Maynard Mills Blues Band at 7:30PM

Grossen Bart Brewery

The Renegade Roosters at 7PM

Longtucky Spirits

Tim Ostdiek at 7PM

Bootstrap Brewing

Johnny & the Mongrels at 6PM

Tasty Weasel

Peak 2 Peak (Grateful Dead tribute) at 4:30PM


Sunday, January 27


Left Hand Brewing

Honeytree at 9AM

Tasty Weasel

Chris Dismuke at 3PM

St Vrain Cidery

Bo DePena at 4PM

License Number 1

Irish Music Session at 7:30PM

Mountain Sun

Phour Point O at 10PM

Monday, January 28

Pearl Street Pub

Dahlby and Nadine at 9PM

License Number 1

Open Mic with Foxfeather at 7:30PM


Tuesday, January 29


Grossen Bart

Open Mic with Andy Eppler at 6PM

Laughing Goat

Monica Marie & David Burchfield at 8PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Open Mic with Danny Shafer at 7:30PM


That’s it for us this week! Join us next week to hear what I’m sure will be an excellent conversation with the venerable Michael Wooten!


If you are an artist or venue, and would like your show featured, e-mail us - Thanks for tuning in - we’ll see you next week!