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Feb 6, 2019

Mad Dog Friedman will be here next week to talk about the blues! Mad Dog is a local harmonica player who plays with his band Mad Dog Blues. He’ll be here to talk about living a life of the blues; driving his harmonica cadillac, and all of his other art mediums! He’s also going to share a couple of tunes with us!


Tune in to hear Dave and Tim rave about Longmont's Winter Walkabout Showcase last weekend! What a time!


Music Calendar


Wednesday February 6



Live Radio Show Taping at 7PM

South Boulder Speakeasy

Look Lively at 7PM

Beyond the Mountain Brewing

Bluegrass Pick at 5PM

Laughing Goat

Brian David Collins at 9PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Longmont Music Meeting at 6PM


Thursday February 7


Tasty Weasel

Jon Pickett at 6PM

Still Cellars

Michael Bellmont at 7PM

La Vita Bella Cafe

David Booker at 7PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Francisco Marque solo at 6PM

Laughing Goat

Take Down the Door at 8PM

License Number 1

George Nelson Band at 9PM


Friday February 8


Laughing Goat

Klone Manor, Dave Tamkin, Andy Burns at 8PM

Lazy Dog Boulder

Paris Monster with Banshee Tree at 9PM

Caffe Sole

Espresso! At 7PM

License Number 1

Stomp Street Heist at 9PM

Still Cellars

Billy Shaddox Trio at 6:30PM

Tasty Weasel

Strangebyrds at 5PM


Saturday February 9


La Vita Bella

Maryalma at 7PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Peak2Peak at 8:30PM

Grossen Bart Brewery

Tim Ostdiek at 7PM

Dicken’s Opera House

Guilty as Charged at 8PM

Tasty Weasel

South to Cedars at 4:30PM

Collision Brewing

The Mixers at 7PM

License Number 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM

Boulder Theater

Dead Floyd at 8PM

Oskar Blues

Lionel Young Band at 8PM

Laughing Goat

Finn O’Sullivan at 8PM

The Root Kava Co

Grant Sabin at 8PM


Sunday February 10


Mountain Sun Pub

The Famous Men at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Blooming Method at 9PM

St Vrain Cidery

Sean Flynn Live Music at 4PM

Left Hand Brewery

Taylor Scott Trio at 4:30PM

Tasty Weasel

Tyler Thompson at 3PM


Monday February 11


Southern Sun Pub

Von Disco with Dechen Hawk at 9PM


Tuesday February 12


Grossen Bart Brewery

Open Mic Night with Andy Eppler at 6PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Open Stage with Danny Shafer at 7:30PM


Tune in next week for an interview with Mad Dog Friedman!v