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Feb 20, 2019

Clandestine Amigo will be here next week! We’re going to talk to them about their re-emergence in Longmont in March and hear some music from the band!



Music Calendar


Wednesday, February 20


Still Cellars

MoJazz Duo at 6:30PM

Dicken’s Opera House

CMA Jazz Ensemble at 8PM

300 Suns

Open Acoustic Jam at 6PM


Thursday, February 21


Lazy Dog Boulder

Voodoo Visionary at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Jason Brandt at 9PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

Paul Soderman & the Boulder Blues Club at 7PM

License Number 1

George Nelson Band

St Vrain Cidery

Blake and Shuck Live Music at 6PM


Friday, February 22


Still Cellars

Lucs Wolf at 6:30 PM

The Roost

AJ Fullerton at 8:30PM

Grossen Bart

Scupanon at 7PM

Tasty Weasel

Grant and Tone at 5PM

No Name Bar

Ben Hanna Music at 3PM

Lazy Dog

Launch Base (a tribute to Jerry Garcia) at 9PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Chris Dismuke at 7:30PM


Saturday, February 23


Grossen Bart Brewery

Bad Hollie & the Rolled up News Paper at 2PM

Longs Peak Pub

Bonnie & Taylor Sims, Aaron & Erin Youngber at 8PM

Bootstrap Brewing Longmont

College Radio at 6PM

Left Hand Brewing

Crick Wooder at 5PM

Longtucky Spirits

Harmony and Brad at 7PM

Left Hand Brewing

Shawn Cunnane at 5PM

Tasty Weasel

Peak2Peak at 4:30PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Foxfeather at 8PM

The Gold Hill Store

Colin Robison at 5PM

License # 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM

World Famous Dark Horse

Jim Bradford Band at 10PM

Wild Woods Brewery

Bo DePena at 5PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

Mad Dog Blues Duo at 7:30PM


Sunday, February 24


Mountain Sun Pub

Matt Flaherty Band at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Christie Lenee at 7:30PM

Left Hand Brewing

Scott Von at 4:30PM

St Vrain Cidery

Amplified Souls at 4PM


Monday, February 25


Laughing Goat

Carolyn Hunter, Theresa Peterson, Zy’ev Left Hand, and Emily Barnes at 8PM

License # 1

Open Mic Night hosted by Foxfeather at 7:30PM


Tuesday, February 26


Grossen Bart Brewery

Open Mic Night hosted by Andy Eppler at 6PM