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Feb 13, 2019

Mad Dog Friedman is here! We’re going to hear some tunes from him and talk to him all about the blues!


Music Calendar


Wednesday February 13

Shoes and Brews

Open Mic at 6:30PM

300 Suns

Acoustic Drop In Jam with Tim Ostdiek at 6PM

Beyond the Mountain Brewing

Bluegrass Pick at 5PM


Thursday, February 14


Laughing Goat

Paper Moonshine at 8PM

License Number 1

George Nelson Band at 9PM

Longmont Public House

3 Chair Jam with Andy Eppler at 6PM

St Vrain Cidery

Beni Brosh at 6pm

Tasty Weasel

Honky Tonk Happy Hour with Adam Lopez at 6PM


Friday, February 15


Longtucky Spirits

Colin Robison at 7PM

Still Cellars

Oliver Jacobson at 6:30PM

Longmont Moose Lodge

Highway Robbery at 7:30PM

Dicken’s Opera House

Journey Girls and Revenant at 7PM

Tasty Weasel

Famous Men at 5PM

Laughing Goat

Tyler Sanford Coalition at 10PM

Upslope Brewing

Jay Martin at 6PM

License # 1 Boulder

Voodoo Lily at 9PM

Oskar Blues Taproom

Adam Lopez Duo at 7:30PM


Saturday, February 16


Laughing Goat

Women in Song featuring Carolyn Hunter, Allie Chipkin, Vonnie Kyle, and Brianna Kocka at 8PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams at 8PM

License Number 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

The Tuffenuffs at 7:30PM

The No Name Bar

Liv Phoenix & Blooming Method at 8:30PM

Bootstrap Longmont

UA at 6PM

The Speakeasy

Max Mackey at 8:30PM

La Vita Bella

John McKay at 7PM

Tasty Weasel

The Delta Sonics at 4:30PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Eddie Turner & Trouble (ft David Brenowitz on drums) at 8:30PM


Sunday, February 17


St Vrain Cidery

Bo DePena at 4PM

Tasty Weasel

David Booker at 3PM

Mountain Sun

The Alcapones at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Haley Gowland at 9:30PM


Monday, February 18


Southern Sun Pub

The RunniKine at 10PM

License Number 1

Open Mic Night hosted by Foxfeather at 7:30 PM


Tuesday, February 19


Oskar Blues Boulder

Open Stage with Danny Shafer at 7:30 PM

Grossen Bart Brewery

Open Mic with Andy Eppler at 6PM

That’s it for the music calendar this week! Mad Dog Friedman is here with his tune Harmonica Cadillac!