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Feb 28, 2019

Jessica Carson of Clandestine Amigo is here! We’re going to talk to Jessica here in a bit about the band and what’s coming next for them. But first! Your music calendar.



Music Calendar


Wednesday February 27


300 Suns

Unplugged Acoustic Jam at 6pm

The Old Mine - Erie

Andy Eppler @ 6pm

Rayback Collective


Feb 20, 2019

Clandestine Amigo will be here next week! We’re going to talk to them about their re-emergence in Longmont in March and hear some music from the band!



Music Calendar


Wednesday, February 20


Still Cellars

MoJazz Duo at 6:30PM

Dicken’s Opera House

CMA Jazz Ensemble at 8PM

300 Suns

Open Acoustic Jam at 6PM


Feb 13, 2019

Mad Dog Friedman is here! We’re going to hear some tunes from him and talk to him all about the blues!


Music Calendar


Wednesday February 13

Shoes and Brews

Open Mic at 6:30PM

300 Suns

Acoustic Drop In Jam with Tim Ostdiek at 6PM

Beyond the Mountain Brewing

Bluegrass Pick at 5PM


Thursday, February 14



Feb 6, 2019

Mad Dog Friedman will be here next week to talk about the blues! Mad Dog is a local harmonica player who plays with his band Mad Dog Blues. He’ll be here to talk about living a life of the blues; driving his harmonica cadillac, and all of his other art mediums! He’s also going to share a couple of tunes with...